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VIDEO: Tom Seaver strikes out the side in 1973 World Series action

By Dan Holmes    December 6, 2012

No other player in baseball history was quite like Tom Seaver, who earned the highest vote total in the history of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Seaver used his powerful legs to drive himself toward home plate, and with his wicked fastball he racked up piles of strikeouts in his career.

In this video clip from the TV coverage of the 1973 World Series, Seaver strikes out all three batters in the fifth inning of Game Three in New York. Seaver faces Dick Green, Catfish Hunter, and Bert Campaneris of the Oakland A’s in this action. The A’s would go on to win the game, 3-2 in 11 innings, but it wasn’t Tom Terrific’s fault. Seaver pitched eight innings, striking out 12 batters and allowing just two earned runs.

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About the Author

Dan Holmes is an author and baseball historian. He previously worked for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and Major League Baseball. He once defeated George Brett in Texas Hold Em poker and faced Phil Niekro's knuckleball. He has two daughters and he writes regularly about baseball and many other topics.

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Tom Seaver strikes out the side in 1973 World Series action

  1. Fantastic video. Tom Seaver has long been my favorite player of all time. It was in ’73, at age 10, that I became a Mets fan. No one will ever match the style, dignity and power of Tom Seaver. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Bill,

    I think Seaver is the favorite player of a lot of fans. What a great pitcher and a true gentleman too.

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you return many times.


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