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Hawk, Rock & The Kid: Montreal Expos & Washington Nationals All-Time Team

Greatest Baseball Teams

The Starting Lineup

C     Gary Carter Gary Carter
1B     Andres Galarraga Andres Galarraga
2B     Jose Vidro Jose Vidro
SS     Orlando Cabrera Orlando Cabrera
3B     Ryan Zimmerman Ryan Zimmerman
LF     Tim Raines Tim Raines
CF     Andre Dawson Andre Dawson
RF     Vladimir Guerrero Vladimir Guerrero
DH     Bryce Harper Bryce Harper
This is the best lineup of any expansion team, with four Hall of Famers and Bryce Harper making up the first five. It's well balanced as well, six of the players stole as many as 30 bases and six hit as many as 30 home runs in a season.

If you're ranking all-time team lineups, this one is better than the White Sox and probably the Indians and Phillies, teams that have been around for more than 100 years. The Expos/Nats came about in 1969.
1.   Raines
2.   Dawson
3.   Guerrero
4.   Harper
5.   Carter
6.   Walker/Galarraga
7.   Zimmerman
8.   DeShields/Vidro
9.   Cabrera

The Rotation

SP     Dennis Martinez Dennis Martinez
SP     Steve Rogers Steve Rogers
SP     Pedro Martinez Pedro Martinez
SP     Max Scherzer Max Scherzer
SP     Stephen Strasburg Stephen Strasburg

The Bullpen

RP     Jeff Reardon Jeff Reardon
RP     Chad Cordero Chad Cordero
RP     Mel Rojas Mel Rojas
RP     Mike Marshall Mike Marshall
RP     Woodie Fryman Woodie Fryman
RP     Sean Burnett Sean Burnett

The Bench

C     Darrin Fletcher Darrin Fletcher
1B/RF     Ron Fairly Ron Fairly
2B/LF     D. DeShields D. DeShields
SS     Ian Desmond Ian Desmond
3B/RF     Larry Parrish Larry Parrish
3B     Tim Wallach Tim Wallach
RF     Larry Walker Larry Walker
RF     Rusty Staub Rusty Staub