Walter Johnson

Walter JohnsonWith a fastball faster than anyone had ever seen, Walter Johnson dominated hitters in the 1910s and 1920s, winning 417 games even though he often toiled on mediocre teams. Ty Cobb, who faced him more than any other batter, considered Johnson the toughest pitcher he ever faced. In the 1924 World Series, Johnson pitched in relief on one day’s rest, entering a tied game in the 9th inning. He tossed four shutout innings and got the victory when his teammates scored in the bottom of the 12th. It was the pinnacle of his career after having pitched on losing teams in 11 of his first 18 seasons with Washington. Johnson was one of the first two pitchers elected to the Hall of Fame, joining Christy Mathewson in the original class of 1936.

Most consecutive games with at least 6 IP and one or no runs allowed to start a season

Dana Finningim ... 8 (1918 Braves) Walter Johnson ... 7 (1913 Senators) Dutch Leonard ... 7 (1914 Red Sox) Spud Chandler ... 7 (1946 Yankees) Fernando Valenzuela ... 7 (1981 Dodgers) Bob Knepper ... 7 (1988 Astros)