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Dave Kingman

Dave Kingman No player has hit more home runs than Kingman's 35 in 1987 for the Oakland A's. He was 37 at the time and could have come back the following year as a designated hitter for someone, but the slugger was one of the most difficult personalities in the game and he also didn't care much about playing the game anymore. Highest Percentage of Hits were Home Runs, All-Time Mark McGwire ... 35.9 Russell Branyan ... 28.4 Dave Kingman ... 28.1 Adam Dunn ... 27.8 Harmon Killebrew ... 27.5 Ryan Howard ... 27.4 Ron Kittle ... 27.2 Rob Deer ... 27.0 Mark Reynolds ... 26.4 Jim Thome ... 26.4 (Minimum 2,000 plate appearances)