Sparky Lyle

Sparky LyleLyle looked like your prototypical reliever, with the chew and bubblegum wadded in his cheek, bushy mustache, and confident swagger. Certainly one of the biggest free agent busts of the 1970s, or else hed rank higher on this list. He was good enough that the Yankees used Gossage as a setup man for a while when both were in the Yankee bullpen. He could absolutely confound certain left-handed batters: Carl Yastrzemski was 5-for-34 (.147) against Lyle. John Mayberry was 6-for-33 (.182) and Tony Oliva was 6-for-28 (.214) with no extra-base hits off Lyle.

Most Saves, 1970-1979 American League
Sparky Lyle … 190
Rollie Fingers … 124
John Hiller … 115
Dave LaRoche … 113
Bill Campbell … 95