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Ethical Implications of Gender Exclusion in Baseball and Its Impact on Education

In recent years, sexism has made itself increasingly apparent within Major League Baseball (MLB). They have been impacting academic opportunities and prohibiting diverse representation from flourishing. Now more than ever before, it is essential for students to explore the ethical implications behind these gender exclusions. And just how far their reach truly goes.

Research: Can Transgender Athletes Compete in Baseball?

Transgender athletes have been making headlines around the world in recent years. So more and more people are becoming aware of the struggles they face in the sports world. Gender identity is a complex topic. And it can be difficult for those outside of the transgender community to understand what it’s like for these individuals when it comes to competing on a level playing field with other athletes.

When MLB Players Went On Strike For the First Time

In 1972, Major League Baseball Players had their first full-scale strike, when they walked out on April 1 on the eve of the season. Their action was the preface for later labor wars between players and owners.

Comiskey Park, circa 1986

In 1986, sports fans in Chicago were more excited about their football team and a young long-shorts-wearing basketball phenom than they were the White Sox. In January,

A Complete History of Batting Stances

If there’s a baseball bat around it’s hard to resist picking it up and taking a stance. We’ve all done it. Some of us who played baseball

The Hall of Fame case for Wes Ferrell

This is the first in a ten-part series looking at the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Pre-Integration Era Ballot. When he was at his peak, Wes Ferrell was