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Goose Gossage convinces Dick Williams he can strike out Kirk Gibson, but he was wrong

By Dan Holmes    June 14, 2019

The 1984 World Series was a mismatch. The Detroit Tigers were a great team, a team that belongs among the greatest for any one season in baseball history. The San Diego Padres were a good team, but they couldn’t hang with the Tigers, and they were pushed aside in five games.

In Game Five, San Diego reliever Goose Gossage was on then mound trying to stem a Detroit scoring opportunity. With first base open and runners on second and third, manager Dick Williams signaled for an intentional walk to Kirk Gibson. But Gossage had other ideas.

The video below (narrated by Tommy Lasorda), has sound from the dugout conversation between Detroit manager Sparky Anderson, coach Roger Craig, and Gibson. We also get to hear Gossage as he confidently sways Williams to let him pitch to Gibby.

It was a bad decision.

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Dan Holmes is an author and baseball historian. He previously worked for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and Major League Baseball. He once defeated George Brett in Texas Hold Em poker and faced Phil Niekro's knuckleball. He has two daughters and he writes regularly about baseball and many other topics.

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