Pete Alexander

Pete AlexanderIt may be that no other player in baseball history had more nicknames at different stages of their life than did Grover Cleveland Alexander. He was named (of course) after U.S. President Grover Cleveland, who was in office when little Grover was born in Nebraska in 1887. At that time, Nebraska was rugged frontier, still a largely unexplored part of the wild west. In that setting, Alexander grew up and was known to his family as “Dode”, an affectionate nickname bestowed upon him by his paternal grandpa. When he got to be a teenager, he was tagged with the name “Alex” or alternately “Alec”. Few people ever called him by his given first name, and by the time he was dazzling people with his right arm on a baseball diamond, he had earned the name “Pete”. No one is sure exactly why. That name morphed into “Ol Pete” as he grew longer in the tooth, so that when he trotted in to take the mound in the 1926 World Series, fans yelled “Here comes, Ol’ Pete.”

Lowest ERA, 1920-1929
Pete Alexander … 3.04
Lefty Grove … 3.09
Dolf Luque … 3.09
Dazzy Vance … 3.10
Stan Coveleski … 3.20
Eppa Rixey … 3.24
Tommy Thomas … 3.24
Walter Johnson … 3.33
Urban Shocker … 3.34
Red Faber … 3.34