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Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds The son of Bobby Bonds, Barry grew up around big league clubhouses and with a godfather named Willie Mays. he almost seemed destined to be a superstar, and he became one. First with Pittsburgh and then with San Francisco (where his father and godfather were stars), Barry Bonds displayed his incredible blend of speed and power. But in the era of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) Bonds became a divisive figure. As his home run totals and head bulged after the age of 35, everywhere but in San Francisco the finger was pointed at Bonds for steroid use. After his career, he won a case in court on the issue, but largely due to the fact that the most damning witness, one of his gym buddies, would not rat him out. Circumstantial evidence overwhelmingly points to Bonds as a steroid user. Due to the fact that he was teh greatest player of the so-called Steroid Era, Bonds will always have a cloud hanging over his accomplishments, at least those he accumulated in the Bay Area for the Giants. When he was “clean:, Bonds was one of the best players in baseball and a certain Hall of Famer, but his decision to start using PEDs (at some point in the mid-1990s most likely) will probably keep him out of Cooperstown, as it continues to for Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro.