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Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown Brown had a prickly personality and he pitched for six different teams split pretty much evenly between the American and National leagues, and a sa result he never became beloved or popular anywhere he hung his hat. But he was one of the more effective pitchers of the 1990s, winning 143 games in that decade alone and leading the league in ERA twice. He was overshadowed by great pitchers like Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, and Randy Johnson, but Brown was one of the best hurlers in the next tier. His Hall of Fame credentials are better than others who have gotten a lot of consideration: he won 211 games at nearly a .600 winning clip; had one of the best strikeout-to-walk ratios in his era; had an ERA+ of 127; was ace of world championship team; and tossed a no-hitter. He's one of the few pitchers to win at least 100 games in both leagues. Pitchers who won 100 games in the AL and NL Al Orth ... (104 in AL, 100 in NL)
Cy Young ... (221 in AL, 290 in NL)
Jim Bunning ... (118 in AL, 106 in NL)
Fergie Jenkins ... (115 in AL, 169 in NL)
Gaylord Perry ... (139 in AL, 175 in NL)
Dennis Martinez ... (141 in AL, 104 in NL)
Nolan Ryan ... (189 in AL, 135 in NL)
Kevin Brown ... (102 in AL, 109 in NL)
Randy Johnson ... (164 in AL, 139 in NL)
Pedro Martinez ... (117 in AL, 102 in NL)