Roy Campanella

Roy CampanellaWhat sort of numbers might Campanella put up had there not been a color barrier? He didnít get to play in the major leagues until he was 26, and he was already a polished professional catcher by that time. I figure he could have had at least four seasons of very good production: his age 22-25 seasons. Given his negro leagues performance (as much as we know about it) and what he did at the age of 26 against MLB pitching, itís safe to say he could have added another 100 home runs and 300 RBI to his totals. When he was injured in the terrible car accident after the í57 season he had already begun his decline and he didnít have much left. But still, he might have hung around for 2-3 more seasons as a part-time player or even switched to another position, like Yogi Berra did. All total, had he been allowed to play as soon as he was ready and not been paralyzed, I think a rough estimate would give Campy 115 more homers and 350 more RBI. That would have given him the career records for both those categories by a catcher Ė about 355 homers and close to 1,200 runs batted in. Neither Berra or Johnny Bench would have eclipsed those numbers. It would have taken Piazza to do so.

Campanella was known as ďOl Biscuit PantsĒ because of his wide ass. If you ever see any video footage of him youíll see why. He looked like he had a sandbag in his underwear.