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Earle Combs

Earle Combs The rap against Combs as a Hall of Famer is that he was only a regular player for nine seasons, but he was a very good leadoff man when he was in the lineup. He hit .325 and only 14 players had a higher on-base percentage during Combs' playing career, nine of them are in the Hall of Fame. Among leadoff hitters in the 1920s and 1930s, Combs was at or near the top. Only Max Bishop and Lu Blue had higher on-base percentage as leadoff batters.

Someone could probably figure out how many times Combs was driven in by either Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig. I bet it accounts for 40 percent of his runs scored.

Look at a photo of Earle and tell me he doesn't look like Greg Evigan of B.J. and The Bear fame.

Longest Hitting Streaks by a Yankee
1. Joe DiMaggio... 56 games (1941)
2. Hal Chase... 33 games (1907)
3. Roger Peckinpaugh... 29 games (1919)
3. Earle Combs... 29 games (1931)
3. Joe Gordon... 29 games (1942)
6. Hal Chase... 27 games (1907)
7. Babe Ruth... 26 games (1921)
8. Derek Jeter... 25 games (2006)
9. Don Mattingly... 24 games (1986)