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Bill Dickey

Bill Dickey

As a player and coach with the Yankees, Bill Dickey won 14 World Series rings, one more than Yogi Berra earned. But Yogi did get a few rings in the 1990s as part of the Yankee organization and through the generosity of George Steinbrenner.

Dickey had a strong throwing arm, the best of all the great Yankee catchers. He was also very combative, and in 1932 he got into an infamous fight with Chicago outfielder Carl Reynolds, breaking the White Sox outfielder's jaw. For that, Dickey was suspended for 30 days, one of the longest suspensions handed out for fighting in baseball history.

It took 73 years for someone to break Dickey's single-season record for highest batting average by a catcher (.362 in 1936). Joe Mauer finally eclipsed it with a .365 mark in 2009.