Luis Gonzalez

Luis GonzalezAs of the 2016 season, there have been nine players who have accumulated 1,000 extra-base hits but are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame:

Barry Bonds
Rafael Palmeiro
Manny Ramirez
Jim Thome
Chipper Jones
Pete Rose
Sammy Sosa
Luis Gonzalez
Gary Sheffield

Palmeiro and Sosa will never get in because of steroid usage or allegations. Bonds might make it in spite of the same issue. Manny Ramirez has the same problem but we won’t know how he’ll be judged until he appears on a Hall of Fame ballot. Thome and Jones will eventually be elected, perhaps in their first time on the ballot. Rose is ineligible at this time because of gambling. Sheffield is an odd case: he was never connected directly to PEDs, but he was close to Bonds for a while and the general feeling is that something was fishy with him. He’s still on the HOF ballot as of 2016, but not getting much support. Gonzalez fell off the ballot after one season, barely getting notice. He is the weakest Hall of Fame candidate of any of these nine players, though Sosa wasn’t much of a better player if he was at all.

When Luis Gonzalez celebrated his 30th birthday, he had hit only 84 home runs. After that he slugged 270 home runs and also banged out 394 doubles. This was in the heart of the steroid era, so of course people started scratching their heads. He may have never done anything illegal, but he did hit more than 28 homers in a season just twice in his career, and one of those times it was 57.