Burleigh Grimes

Burleigh GrimesGrimes and Frankie Frisch had a long-running feud that spanned several decades when they were both in the National League. It started when Grimes brushed Frisch back with an inside pitch in 1919. Frisch then took to dragging bunts against Grimes so he could meet him at the bag when Grimes covered first base. On many occasions, Frisch would spike Grimes as he made his way down the line. At least once when Burleigh was with the Dodgers, the bad blood between him and Frisch ended up in a bench-clearing brawl. The feud ended in 1930 when Grimes joined Frisch on the St. Louis Cardinals. Both players were later elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“Burleigh Grimes is going to make a great manager and will give the Giants plenty of competition. I was almost afraid to sign Burleigh as manager at our Bloomingtom farm in 1935, as I figured he would keep hollering for mature players and care little about developing our youngsters. However, he never sent me a wire all season, but went ahead and won with the outfit he developed. He made a big hit with me”
— Sam Breadon, owner of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1936