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Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels Cole Hamels will never have to buy a drink or a cheese steak in Philadelphia the rest of his life. In the 2008 post-season, the lanky left-hander went 4-0 with a 1.40 ERA and 32 strikeouts in 35 innings. His efforts spearheaded the Phils second World Series title and their first in 28 seasons. Hamels signed a six-year, 4 million deal with the Phillies in July of 2012, assuring he'd be with the club he broke in with for at least the first 13 seasons of his career (assuming he doesn't get traded before the contract expires). Hamels is one of the most popular Phillies, especially with female fans, who adore his dark good looks. Through 2011, Hamels had started 13 post-season games and was 7-4 with a 3.09 ERA.