Sam Horn

Sam HornAfter Sam Horn struck out six consecutive times in a 15-inning game for the Orioles to become the first non-pitcher in history to do so, teammate Mike Flanagan quipped: “Three strikeouts is a hat trick, four is a sombrero, five is a golden sombrero and from now on, six will be known as a Horn. Seven will be a Horn-A-Plenty.”

Horn struck out a lot during his brief major league career that was spent as a pinch-hitter and the left-handed portion of a DH platoon. He clubbed 37 homers in his first two seasons as a platoon DH for Baltimore in the early 1990s. A notoriously miserable defensive player, Horn played only 12 games in the field among the 389 he appeared in over his eight seasons in the majors. The husky slugger spent more than a decade in the minor leagues, hitting more than 300 homers at that level.

In his rookie season with the Red Sox in 1987, Horn set a record for most homers by a player in their first season while playing fewer than 50 games (14).