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Bob Knepper

Bob Knepper Knepper's childhood hero was Tom Seaver. As a young prospect, the lefty was compared to Sandy Koufax. He was never as good as those two legendary pitchers, but Knepper spent 15 years in the majors, all of them in the National League with the Giants and Astros. When he was a young southpaw for the Giants, he and Vida Blue teamed at the top of the rotation. A local columnist noted the two lefties had little help, and wrote "Knepper and Blue, and what do you do?" On the Giants in the late 1970s, Knepper was part of "The God Squad" with teammates Gary Lavelle, Randy Moffitt, and others, who were all "Born Again Christians." Knepper was criticized when he once surrendered a home run and responded, "That's God's will." Most consecutive starts with at least six innings pitched and one or no earned runs allowed to start a season: Dana Fillingim ... 8 (1918 Braves) Walter Johnson ... 7 (1913 Senators) Dutch Leonard ... 7 (1914 Red Sox) Spud Chandler ... 7 (1946 Yankees) Fernando Valenzuela ... 7 (1981 Dodgers) Bob Knepper ... 7 (1988 Astros)