Bob Lemon

Bob LemonAccording to Ted Williams, Lemon was the toughest right-hander that the Hall of Fame slugger ever faced. The numbers bear that out, as Williams batted a mortal .267 against Lemon in 149 plate appearances. Though he walked quite a bit, enough to record a .423 OBP off Lemon, Williams managed just four home runs and a .422 SLG against the Hall of Fame hurler. "Baseball was made for kids and grown-ups only screw it up." Bob Lemon

Longest-Running Pitching Rotations in Baseball History

1949-1954 Cleveland Indians Bob Lemon Early Wynn Mike Garcia Bob Feller 1978-1982 Baltimore Orioles Mike Flanagan Dennis Martinez Scott McGregor Jim Palmer Both of these teams won one pennant during their stretch with these pitching rotations, each losing in the World Series when they were favored.