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Tug McGraw

Tug McGraw While covering Induction Weekend for the Hall of Fame, I once asked McGraw if I could shoot his picture. He replied, “As long as you use a camera and not a gun.” Probably no other pitcher on this list enjoyed playing the game more than McGraw. Despite pitching in some high-profile spots, he's underrated. From 1969-1972 he was as good as anyone out of the pen. The “Gotta Believe” 1973 season with the Mets wasn't one of his best years, but it was clutch. Seven years later he enjoyed his best campaign, and despite not pitching in a lot of save situations, he was critical to the 1980 Phillies success as they won their first World Series. Like Rickey Henderson, McGraw was a physical oddball – he batted right but threw left-handed. - Dan Holmes