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Scott McGregor

Scott McGregor Left-hander Scot McGregor was a key member of the Baltimore Orioles rotation for nine seasons from the late 1970s and into the 1980s. In his seasons as a starter he won between 11 and 20 games every year, joining fellow lefty Mike Flanagan and right-handers Jim Palmer, Dennis Martinez, Steve Stone and Mike Boddicker in some of the better rotations of that era. Unlike the other, more famous members of the O's rotation, McGregor was a soft-tosser, relying on a sharp breaking ball and masterful control. In 1979 he walked just 23 batters in more than 17o innings, and in 1983 he issued just 45 walks in 260 innings. In both seasons, the Orioles went to the World Series. McGregor was a great clutch pitcher. In six post-season games he threw two shutouts, three complete games, and allowed more than two runs in only one start. He baffled the Philadelphia Phillies in Game Five of the '83 World Series, tossing a five-hit shutout to clinch the Orioles last championship. For his career, McGregor was 3-3 with a glittering 1.63 ERA in the post-season. Longest-Running Pitching Rotations in Baseball History 1949-1954 Cleveland Indians Bob Lemon Early Wynn Mike Garcia Bob Feller 1978-1982 Baltimore Orioles Mike Flanagan Dennis Martinez Scott McGregor Jim Palmer