Minnie Minoso

Minnie MinosoMinoso didn’t get a chance to play regularly in the major leagues until he was 25 years old due to the color barrier. As a result he probably missed four years, and at his expected hit level at that age of 160 per season (which may be low, but we’ll go with it), that means Minnie lost roughly 640 hits. He still collected 1,963 hits in the big leagues, so given those 640 he would come in around 2,600 for a full MLB career without the prejudice he received for not having white skin. With 2,600 hits and 250 homers and probably 1,400 RBI to go along with a near .300 average, those numbers would make him a Hall of Famer. Or at least real damn close. But, Minoso is not in the Hall of Fame. The fact that several Negro Leaguers are in the Hall based on what we think they may have done in the majors, while Minoso is not in even though we can see very clearly how great he was, is a farce. The Hall of Fame’s Committee on Veterans should correct the mistake.

Most Stolen Bases, 1950-1959
Willie Mays … 179
Minnie Minoso … 167
Richie Ashburn … 158
Jim Rivera … 150
Luis Aparicio … 134
Jackie Jensen … 134
Jim Gilliam … 132
Pee Wee Reese … 124
Bill Bruton … 121
Jackie Robinson … 109

Most Hits, 1950-1959
Richie Ashburn … 1875
Nellie Fox … 1837
Stan Musial … 1771
Alvin Dark … 1675
Duke Snider … 1605
Gus Bell … 1551
Minnie Minoso … 1526
Red Schoendienst … 1517
Yogi Berra … 1499
Gil Hodges … 1491