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Ron Northey

Ron Northey One of the reasons the St. Louis Cardinals acquired Northey from the Phillies in 1947 was because the left-handed power hitter performed so well in Sportsman's Park. He hit .311/.405/.513 in the ballpark for his career. Northey was known for being a funny guy in the clubhouse and he was admired for keeping his teams loose with his sense of humor.

When he was at Duke University, Northey was hit in the head with a pitch and most likely suffered a severe concussion. He had such troubles with buzzing in his ears that he considered an exploratory brain surgery. Luckily he declined (who knows what doctors might have done in that era of lobotomies), and learned to live with the mild discomfort. Was the next door neighbor of Joe Boley when he was growing up in Pennsylvania. Probably would have been a more valuable player in the DH era, he was really a professional hitter well-suited for the designated hitter role.