Albert Pujols

Albert PujolsHas any batter ever been more clearly the best offensive player in his league for as long a time as Pujols? From 2005-2010, a stretch of six seasons, Phat Albert led the National League each year in Wins Above Replacement (WAR). Only Willie Mays (1960-1965) and Babe Ruth (1926-1931) have matched that. Ruth was head and shoulders above his league during that peak, and Mays was consistently brilliant for his stretch. Pujols was just like that Ė year after year just piling up incredible numbers. When itís all said and done heíll rank among the 20 best players all-time at any position.

If you wanted to make a list of the greatest first basemen, you wouldnít look silly making an argument that heís as good or better than Lou Gehrig, but on close examination “The Iron Horse” gets the nod. Gehrigís offensive numbers were better compared to his contemporaries. In his best six-year stretch, for example. Gehrigís OPS+ was 193, whereas Albertís was 176.

Most Home Runs in a Single Decade
Babe Ruth (1920s) … 467
Alex Rodriguez (2000s) … 435
Jimmie Foxx (1930s) … 415
Mark McGwire (1990s) … 405
Harmon Killebrew (1960s) … 393
Ken Griffey Jr. (1990s) … 382
Hank Aaron (1960s) … 375
Jim Thome (2000s) … 368
Albert Pujols (2000s) … 366
Barry Bonds (1990s) … 361