Mariano Rivera

Mariano RiveraThere are so many things in the world that we try desperately to measure. I think we do this so we feel more comfortable understanding the world we live in. If we can measure it, we feel we know it and maybe even own it. Scientists, of course are masters at this practice. In baseball, sabermetricians use statistical analysis to accomplish this. There is much debate over the methods applied by that group. But while you’re thinking about that, think about this: none of that matters at all in regards to who is the best relief pitcher in baseball history. Using statistical measures to answer that question is silly. It would be like asking an orographist (that’s someone who studies mountains) to answer this question: which is the tallest mountain in the world? He or she could take time and effort to measure every peak across the globe or they could just reply, “Mt. Everest, of course.” There is no need for fancy analysis on the question of this article, the answer is simply, “Mariano Rivera, of course.”