Eppa Rixey

Eppa RixeyA tall left-hander, Eppa Rixey won 266 games in his 21-year career, which was split between the Phillies and Reds. Rixey was a fine athlete, despite his awkward size. He won 20 games four times, three times for Cincinnati, leading the National League with 25 in 1922. He pitched effectively until he was 42 years old, using his pinpoint control to keep the ball in play. Despite languishing on losing teams much of his career (they were .484 in games in which Rixey did not get the decision), Rixey was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1963.

Record Holder
At the time of his retirement, Rixey’s 266 victories were the most by a left-hander in National League history. The mark was finally surpassed in 1959, by Warren Spahn.

Cooperstown Call 
Rixey was a humble man, who unlike other players who waited a long time for their turn to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, was very patient. When Rixey finally received the call in 1963, he was modest. “I guess they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel,” he said in an interview.