Francisco Rodriguez

Francisco RodriguezStill only 30 years old as of 2012, Rodriguez is apparently going to be used as a setup man by the Milwaukee Brewers. That won’t help his standing on the all-time closer list, because he needs to add some more saves to inch his way up, but there’s a good chance he’ll still get a closer’s job somewhere. One of the effects of Moneyball has been that most big league GM’s have finally figured out that you can get a closer for a cheap price, that there are usually 2-3 guys in every organization who have the stuff to be a closer and who can get you 25-35 saves. That means we’re heading into an era where several really good closers, like Rodriguez, will lose their jobs because teams won’t want to pay them million a year to close when they can get a youngster to do it for a tenth of that price.

K-Rod has handled A-Rod smoothly: the Yankee slugger is 2-for-20 against the reliever in his career, with 10 strikeouts.