Pete Rose

Pete Rose“You see guys getting older taking Sunday off, then Sunday and Monday off. The first thing you know, you’re playing 120 games, and you can’t lead the league in anything playing 120 games.” – Pete Rose

Pete Rose loved to face
In the 1970s and early 1980s there was a left-handed pitcher named Pete Falcone who did service with four teams (the Giants, Cardinals, Mets, and Braves). He was pretty average, as far as starting pitchers go. He went 70-90 for his ten-year career, and his best year came as a reliever with the Mets in 1981. Pete Rose owned Falcone, he tore him up. Batting right-handed of course, Pete hit .415 with 27 hits in 65 at-bats off Falcone, adding nine walks for a .474 OBP.

Players who reached base 300 times for two different teams
Billy Hamilton : Philadelphia Phillies (1894-95), Boston Beaneaters (1896)
Tris Speaker : Boston Red Sox (1912), Cleveland Indians (1920, 1923)
Rogers Hornsby
 : St. Louis Cardinals (1921-22, 1924), Chicago Cubs (1929)
Jimmie Foxx : Philadelphia A’s (1932-33), Boston Red Sox (1936, 1938)
Pete Rose : Cincinnati Reds (1969, 1973, 1975-76), Philadelphia Phillies (1979)
John Olerud : Toronto Blue Jays (1993), New York Mets (1999)
Jason Giambi : Oakland A’s (2000-01), New York Yankees (2002)

Players with 2,000 Hits in a Decade
Rogers Hornsby (1920s) … 2,085
Pete Rose (1970s) … 2,045
Ichiro Suzuki (2000s) … 2,030
Sam Rice (1920s) … 2,010

  • The members of “The Great Eight” on the Big Red Machine were: catcher Johnny Bench, first baseman Tony Perez, second baseman Joe Morgan, shortstop Dave Concepcion, third baseman Pete Rose, left fielder George Foster, center fielderCesar Geronimo, and right fielder Ken Griffey. Four of them won an MVP award (combining for six awards in all), they combined for 24 Gold Glove Awards, won four home run titles, six RBI crowns, and made a collective 57 All-Star Games. Six of the eight players had at least 2,000 hits in their careers, and another (Foster) had 1,925.