Boss Schmidt

Boss SchmidtCharles “Boss” Schmidt is most remembered by Tigers’ fans for two things: first, he fought (and beat the hell out of) teammate Ty Cobb after Cobb had a dispute with another member of the team; and second, in the 1908 World Series the Chicago Cubs ran amok against Schmidt, ultimately stealing 15 bases in five games.

Schmidt was the primary catcher for Detroit when they won pennants in 1907-08-09, and he was known for his physical strength. He was not, however, regarded as a very good defensive catcher. In Game One of the 1907 World Series (also against the Cubs), Schmidt allowed a third strike – which would have been the final out of the game – to go past him, which allowed the tying run to score from third. The Tigers ended up tying the game and losing the World Series, 4 games to none.