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Jim Slaton

Jim Slaton Among starting pitchers who won at least 150 games after 1970, Slaton's average game score of 49.2 is the third lowest. He was basically an innings-eater but a little below average. He spent most of his career in the uniform of the Milwaukee Brewers, but was never their ace or really even a #2 starter. Slaton's best seasons were 1977-78 when he split time between the Brewers and Tigers. He was an All-Star in '77 for Milwaukee after he posted an ERA under 3.00 in the first half. In the offseason the Brewers traded him to Detroit for Ben Oglivie. The righty won 17 games for the Bengals in 1978, mostly due to great run support. But in the offseason when he was a free agent he inked a deal to return to Milwaukee. Thus, it turned out to be a very silly trade for the Tigers, as they lost Oglivie, who went on to hit 176 homers and make three All-Star appearances for Milwaukee, while Detroit only got one season from Slaton.