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Gary Sutherland

Gary Sutherland For two seasons, in 1974-75, Gary Sutherland was the starting second baseman for the Detroit Tigers. Sutherland was a typical middle infielder of that era: he didn't hit very much and for practically no power at all. His glove was pretty decent and justified his spot in the starting lineup, but the decision to bat him leadoff was inexcusable. Manager Ralph Houk, who loved to bat his second baseman in the #1 spot, had Sutherland at the top of the lineup quite a bit, but finally in 1975 he moved Ron LeFlore into that role and dropped Sutherland down to the bottom of the order where he belonged.

In June of 1976, the Tigers traded Sutherland to the Milwaukee Brewers for Pedro Garcia, who finished that season as the team's second baseman.