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Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor Joe Taylor was a power-hitting outfielder who got his start in the Negro leagues and later played parts of four season in the Major Leagues due to his perseverance. He played a total of 13 seasons in the minor leagues, hitting 245 home runs. He debuted with the Philadelphia A's in 1954 at the age of 28, playing for Eddie Joost's last place team that lost more than 100 games. He was the third African American to play for the A's, following Bob Trice and Vic Power. In 1959, when he was in his second season as a reserve outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles, Taylor overslept and was late reporting to the ballpark for a July doubleheader against the Chicago White Sox. His irate manager, Paul Richards, kicked Taylor off the ballclub. he never played in the big leagues again. Taylor played five more seasons in the high minor leagues after being let loose by Richards and the O's.