Jim Thome

Jim ThomeThome is one of the few players to hit 25 homers in a season for four different teams: Indians, Phillies, White Sox, Twins. He’s also one of the few batters to hit 40 homers with three teams: Indians, White Sox, Phillies. Thome was probably the most popular Indian in modern times, that is unless you still consider the World War II era modern, in which case Bob Feller can challenge him. He’s wildly popular in the city, but when he was in the uniform of the enemy Chicago White Sox, he received a good deal of boos when in Cleveland. Still, in contrast to the way that LeBron James was vilified when he left the city, Thome was still respected by Cleveland fans. Most Home Runs in a Single Decade Babe Ruth (1920s) ... 467 Alex Rodriguez (2000s) ... 435 Jimmie Foxx (1930s) ... 415 Mark McGwire (1990s) ... 405 Harmon Killebrew (1960s) ... 393 Ken Griffey Jr. (1990s) ... 382 Hank Aaron (1960s) ... 375 Jim Thome (2000s) ... 368 Albert Pujols (2000s) ... 366 Barry Bonds (1990s) ... 361 Highest Percentage of Hits were Home Runs, All-Time Mark McGwire ... 35.9 Russell Branyan ... 28.4 Dave Kingman ... 28.1 Adam Dunn ... 27.8 Harmon Killebrew ... 27.5 Ryan Howard ... 27.4 Ron Kittle ... 27.2 Rob Deer ... 27.0 Mark Reynolds ... 26.4 Jim Thome ... 26.4 (Minimum 2,000 plate appearances)