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John Wetteland

John Wetteland Wetteland saved more games during the 1990s than any other pitcher. Yes, it's an arbitrary distinction in some ways, but it's something. Had he not retired after his lucrative four-year contract with the Rangers expired following the 2000 season, Wetteland may have reached 500 saves. He was just 33 years old and coming off six straight seasons of 30 saves or more. A month after the 2009 season, Wetteland called 911 and when authorities arrived at his home, he told them I need help. Media reports described him as suicidal. Wetteland had apparently been battling depression for many years, and it possibly had something to do with his walking away from the game at such a young age when he still had gas left in the tank. An examination of the records would likely show that closers are the most likely players to suffer mental exhaustion, depression, and commit suicide.