Billy Williams

Billy WilliamsWilliams was so polite and quiet-spoken that he wasn't ejected from a game until his 17th and final season in the majors. On August 16, 1976, while batting for the Oakland A's, Williams took umbrage with the first two called strikes by home plate umpire Bill Kunkel. Williams refused Kunkel's order to get back into the batter's box and was thumbed from the game. Most Extra-Base Hits, 1963-1972 Billy Williams ... 690 Hank Aaron ... 677 Carl Yastrzemski ... 580 Dick Allen ... 578 Ron Santo ... 568 Frank Robinson ... 553 Harmon Killebrew ... 550 Willie McCovey ... 543 Willie Mays ... 539 Willie Stargell ... 537 This was the ten years before the American League decided to implement the designated hitter, a rule that was a response to the dwindling offense in the game. Williams, who hit a lot of doubles, and Aaron, who hit a lot of homers, are well ahead of any other players in extra-base hits during this stretch. During his career, Williams took advantage of his home ballpark, Wrigley Field. If you take his 1970 and 1971 seasons and add together his home stats you come up with a "home performance equivalent season" that looks like this: 157 games, .353 AVG with 219 hits, 29 doubles, 44 homers, 142 RBIs, 79 walks, 44 strikeouts, .426 OBP, and a .627 SLG. For his career, Williams hit .309 with a .539 SLG and a 917 OPS at Wrigley Field and hit .271 with a .444 SLG and 792 OPS on the road.