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Ken Williams

Ken Williams OPS Leaders, 1920-29 1. Babe Ruth ... 1228 2. Rogers Hornsby ... 1096 3. Lou Gehrig ... 1058 4. Harry Heilmann ... 991 5. Tris Speaker ... 976 6. Paul Waner ... 970 7. Al Simmons ... 966 8. Hack Wilson ... 954 9. Ken Williams ... 947 10. Jim Bottomley ... 938 Ken Williams is the only player in the top ten in OPS (OBP + SLG) not in the Baseball Hall of Fame. In fact, twelve of the top thirteen batters in OPS in the 1920s have a plaque in Cooperstown. This doesn't necessarily mean Williams should be in the Hall of Fame, but it clearly shows that he was better than many players from that era who are enshrined. For example, Williams' longtime teammate George Sisler is in. Sisler was basically the Ichiro Suzuki of his time offensively, while Williams was a lot like Vlad Guerrero. Which one would you rather have?