Why are they called the Toronto Blue Jays?

“The blue jay is a North American bird, bright blue in color, with white undercovering and a black neck ring. It is strong, aggressive and inquisitive,” said team chairman R. Howard Webster after the club selected the name from more than 10,000 entries in a contest that ran in Toronto newspapers.

“It dares to take on all comers, yet it is down-to-earth, gutsy and good-looking.” The team, which joined the American League in 1977, adopted red, white, and blue colors and incorporated them along with the use of the Canadian maple leaf.

Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes is the author of three books about baseball, including Ty Cobb: A Biography. He formerly worked for the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and Major League Baseball Advanced Media. He lives in Michigan where he writes, runs, and enjoys a good orange soda now and again.

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