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VIDEO: Chicago White Sox All-Time Team

The Chicago White Sox have a checkered history, which makes it interesting to choose their All-Time Team. Many of their greatest players did not spend their entire careers (or even a large chunk of their careers) in a White Sox uniform. Eddie Collins came over from the Athletics, and Shoeless Joe was acquired from Cleveland before being permanently banned from baseball for being a lying cheater.

Other White Sox greats spent time elsewhere: Dick Allen, Carlton Fisk, Harold Baines, to name a few. The Sox all-time home run leader list and all-time hits list are not as impressive as those of other original franchises. No White Sox player has ever collected 3,000 hits, and only five have as many as 2,000 hits for the franchise. Only two White Sox sluggers have hit as many as 250 homers for the team (Frank Thomas and Paul Konerko).

Our all-time White Sox have a modern feel, especially in the crowded first base and DH spot. There’s lots of depth up the middle, and a strong starting rotation. Yet, no White Sox pitcher has won as many as 170 games for the franchise in the last 60 years. The Pale Hose have had a difficult time keeping their franchise players, which is probably why they’ve captured just one World Series title since 1917.

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