The 5 Tools of the Successful Baseball Player

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A player who is at the ideal age to be seen by a scout and signed by a baseball organization to play professional baseball must meet some of the following characteristics. 

It is important to note that the vast majority of prospects sign with a major league organization or local professional team. They do not become stars, play at least 10 seasons, or make the front pages of major sports newspapers. 

In fact, the success rate from the time a player signs a contract until he reaches the major leagues is 2% (if you count reaching the major leagues and playing more than 10 seasons as success). 

We mention this information for informational purposes, in no way trying to diminish the efforts and illusions of young people who want to achieve their goal of reaching the big leagues. This article discusses how major league organizations capture talent through their scouts and agents.


The ideal age for a promising player to come to the attention of a scout for any organization is between 15 and 17 years old.

Why at that age? Because during this period, players with the minimum necessary conditioning are cheaper on the market, and therefore organizations pay less and prefer to develop them in their leagues and development farms, which is why they seldom sign players between the ages of 18 and 21, because they are much stronger and more developed, they should then pay more money for their signings and give higher bonuses. 

Future professionals begin their careers as children in school, so there can be problems with academic performance. Fortunately, you can now find write me an essay service that you can focus on sports.


One of the main pillars of the game of baseball is offense, the ability to hit the ball hard gives you a big advantage, in fact, there is a very famous saying that says, “He who hits, he plays”, and that is indeed true.

When checking or trying out, scouts look for contact and good batting mechanics, not that you take the ball out of the park, if not contact power, Contact + power create an undeniable combination that will allow a prospect to be able to be taken into consideration and stand out in his evaluation. 

When playing at bat you need to add another important feature of consistency, remember baseball is a sport based on numbers and statistics, be consistent and keep up the pace in practice and games. Hit with power and consistency. 


Throwing the ball is a routine activity in a player’s daily life, but for a prospect who wants a contract, it is something that must be done very well from whatever position on the field he is in, as it often happens to players who are moved from their original position because of strength or lack of arm. 

Outfielders or fielders, in addition to strength when throwing the ball, must do so with accuracy and judiciousness as to where they send the ball, they must know the plays and not give advances.

Infielders must have a good arm, and in addition to being educated, they must have the ability to throw well, in any extreme situation, lying down, kneeling, or back, developing this additional skill will help them do a better job and highlight. 

Basically, catchers’ performance is measured by the strength and speed with which they can throw on bases and keep runners at bay. 

It is important not only to train your arms with weights and develop muscle strength but to develop the ability to throw fast, efficiently, and with power, a combination of these elements. 

Being Able to Work Well On the Field and Having a Good Glove

Having a good glove, or as others call it, good hands, is based on the ability to dominate the position in which the player excels, regardless of position, you must move with as much safety and consistency as possible. 

Body language is very important when entering the outfield because it breeds confidence and denotes safety, scouts, and talent looking to breed that confidence take into consideration the defensive aspect because it is necessary to maintain results and support the pitchers’ work. 

There is no perfect game or no-hit no-run in history in which there is no miraculous defensive intervention or intervention that is vital to maintaining a result. Outfielders must effectively cover as much ground as possible because there is no point in running 70 yards to get to the ball and not catch it. 

In addition to covering, infielders need to be on their game, develop the mental capacity to think about what might happen, and have a clear idea of what to do if the ball is in their hands. 

Hitting or Throwing to Home Plate

We have already mentioned that pitching is a common activity for baseball players, but the ability to throw a ball from the plate to home plate at a steady speed of over 90 miles per hour is an extraordinary skill. 

Major league organizations and baseball teams in general are always looking for pitchers, and don’t forget that more than half of a baseball team’s roster is made up of pitchers. 

This means that a pitcher is never superfluous on a team, and a good pitcher will always have a job to do.

Pitchers with big feet and big hands are more in demand because long limbs make it easier to develop good velocity and control the rotation of the ball, but that is not a limitation if you have the desire, motivation, and talent of a pitcher who does not have big feet. 

To be considered good pitching, at least 70% of pitches must be in a good zone, and speed, depending on age, must be over 80 MHP, the higher the speed, the better the chance of signing.

Running Speed

The ability to move your legs with your paws is vital to a prospect who intends to sign with a professional, is one of the most well-known and most practical grades to meet the requirements of major league organizations, and the following aspects should be considered. 

Run 60 yards (180 feet or 54.8 meters) in a time of 6.6 to 7.4 seconds. This interval varies by grade depending on the player’s physical characteristics and position. Run from home to 1st base in a time of no more than 4.3 or 4.5 seconds. 

These speed assessment tests are simple to perform, cost-free, and easy to perform on any terrain with a stopwatch and a set distance. 

If you are currently a player with any of these tools and want to break into professional baseball, take action, but first look for the right technical support and consult with professionals in the field, because once you start working toward your goals, you will have to be consistent and disciplined. 

Success does not come overnight or by chance, you have to work hard and gradually reach your goals.

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