Baseball’s Popularity Among Canadian Students

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As a student, combining studies and sports could be a difficult undertaking. Both fields require focus, effort, and time. With all of the sports around, you may feel interested in knowing about baseball’s popularity among Canadian students.

If baseball is your sport, you should already know that it’s very versatile. The sport offers many challenges. Excelling in the sport could give you a chance to start your career in the future. If you keep practicing, you might even get an athletic scholarship in this popular sport.

How popular is baseball in Canada?

Baseball is a favorite pastime in Canada and the US. In fact, it’s the most popular sport in both countries. In Canada, you can find the oldest baseball park in the world. But Canada only has one major League team – the Toronto Blue Jays. There are approximately 354 students between the ages of 3 and 17 who play baseball in Canada. It’s the 6th most popular sport in the country. But baseball is also becoming more popular with adults too.

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Is baseball also popular among students?

If you’re wondering about Canadian students and baseball, you should know that many are already into this sport. As for the players, there are around 11,546 registered female players and 105,799 males. The game has become increasingly popular, especially in comparison to those who played the sport back in the year 2015. But these figures only include a small portion of Ontario’s registered players. 

The estimated number of players in the biggest province in Canada might even go beyond six figures. This increase in interest happened because of the success of the country’s only team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Sports fans in the country got captivated by the team when they ended a 21-year playoff drought in 2015. This allowed them to advance to the American League Championship Series, an accomplishment they achieved again last year.

About the National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association (NJCAA)

As an aspiring baseball student, you should learn about the National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association (NJCAA). This association offers academics for 2-year courses or degrees. This includes training in fields where players could move to 4-year schools. This would give you a chance to continue your academic interest, plus two more years of baseball in college. 

There are many benefits to playing junior college baseball. The schools usually offer spring and fall schedules. Such schedules offer fewer restrictions on how often and when students can play and practice.

As a player, you would get the opportunity to step in to play right away. Since schools offer 2-year programs, competing for a sport on the roster could be the easier option. Just remember that when transferring to another school, you must adapt to a new baseball program too.

Baseball opportunities in college

For the past 10 to 15 years, there has been an increase in university baseball in Canada. Many players in the country have participated in college baseball programs. Playing in college is a chance to finish your degree while furthering your baseball career. In most cases, players may receive a majority or a part of their education paid for through an athletic scholarship

Aside from the scholarship, you can also gain much-needed exposure to MBL baseball. The reason for this is that college baseball is usually covered by area scouts.

Best colleges in Canada with baseball programs

If you want to become a pro player, there are many universities and colleges in Canada that offer baseball programs. However, there are still many people who don’t know that universities and colleges in the country have these programs. Since the sport has become quite popular, these schools have offered baseball programs to students:

Bishop’s University: This learning institution has facilities that can allow students to show off their skills while having fun in the field. The school has attracted thousands of students from different countries, specifically for their baseball teams.

Acadia University: Around 10% of the whole student populace here has an interest in the school’s various sports programs. Acadia has more than five teams, along with a sporting complex found on campus.

University of Victoria: This university is one of the best when it comes to baseball and athletics in Canada. It has over 50 titles to its name. The university has many students on teams who compete fiercely against each other. The teams also join competitions in provincial leagues across the country.

University of Guelph: This university is home to many famous teams in Canada and internationally. Depending on the type of sport, there are also different branches for each of the sporting areas. Each area houses a broad selection of facilities for various purposes. This even includes fields for baseball.

University of New Brunswick: Aside from the wide range of varsity and club sports, this university also offers several recreational activities. The institution takes pride in its players. They excel both in the field and in their classes. To maintain this, the university promises to maintain a sporting culture that supports various communities. This allows the students to achieve their long-term goals. 

Canada stores a lot of potential when it comes to baseball and other popular sports. There are several universities and colleges that offer amazing programs for students with a talent in the sport. If you are one such student, take advantage of these programs to unlock your potential. Universities understand how to combine academics and sports. They ensure that the students achieve all their goals while playing this popular sport.

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