What Baseball Teams to Bet on in 2023

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This year will introduce some neat changes to baseball. The countdown clock will be added between pitches, and there are some adjustments to where defenders can stand. These changes aren’t massive, but they will certainly make the game more interesting, and any other sport might learn from this. It will also affect how baseball teams come up with their new strategies for the matches and how the gambling community thinks about their bets.

Of course, there are different types of casino players and those who enjoy sports betting. Some just wait for great live bet opportunities while playing poker or other casino game in the background. This article won’t have any suggestions for those players, as live bets are impossible to predict. However, if you enjoy pokies, we selected a list of Aussie online pokies operators that are currently really popular. On this platform, you will also find in-depth reviews and available bonuses. With that out of the way, let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Betting on Baseball Teams: How to Analyze Them Correctly

If you bet like a pro, then you know that the best way to analyse teams is to simply watch the games and news. This is similar to playing demo pokies to figure out their hit frequency, volatility, and other in-game features. Here you can find whether certain online casino games are worth playing and whether they align with your personal preference. It’s something that cautious and responsible gamblers frequently do. 

This, of course, isn’t very useful if you want to bet in advance on a team who will win this season. As a result, the payouts are lower. Still, you can weigh the odds more accurately. You’ll know who is playing, who is injured, and how teams have changed and modified their strategy. However, many love to make these big bets and support multiple teams that have a decent chance of winning. So, let’s see who has a solid chance of taking the trophy home in the year 2023.

5 Best Baseball Teams in 2023

The year has just started, so obviously, these rankings are premature. Still, most of the other only analysts do agree on these top 5 power rankings.


The Yankees patched some of their significant weaknesses by adding a left-handed pitcher Carlos Rodón. This was announced in December, and the pitcher signed a 6-year deal with the team. That being said, it’s difficult to rely on a single athlete, so we are yet to see what their line-up will look like in the year 2023. Some sports betting operators are giving Yankees +650 odds on winning the series this year, which is pretty decent.


It’s difficult to imagine any team winning two seasons in a row, especially in today’s baseball. Back-to-back series champions did happen more frequently in the 20th century, but today’s strategies and training regimes have evolved. This is why many are hesitant to support the Houston Astros, apart from their hardcore fans. Their odds for winning 2023 are identical to the Yankees’ +650, and in the Astros’ case, these are justified. They have an incredibly solid lineup, and winning back-to-back series isn’t out of the question this time around.  


The Mets were really hoping to sign Carlos Correa, but that plan fell through. Carlos decided to stay with the Twins. If this wasn’t the case, they might’ve been a number one pick to win this season. That being said, their odds are at +750, which is still pretty decent. They also signed  Justin Verlander, who is an outstanding pitcher and who will be in the starting rotation. They also re-signed Adam Ottavino, Edwin Diaz, and Brandon Nimmo. It’s one of the more consistent teams when it comes to success, which makes them a serious contender during any series.


Fans are really confident that the Padres will make a massive leap in 2023. During the offseason, they signed Xander Bogaerts or X-man, and even without the big star, their team was solid. This makes them a serious contender for 2023, and the current odds are +1000. A.J. Preller also gave some reassuring comments and seems really confident that the 2023 trophy will go to San Diego.


Although the Braves didn’t make any off-season power plays, they are still in a good position to win 2023. They don’t desperately need any new additions. They just need Ronald Acuña Jr and Ozzie Albies back in their top shape. Overall, their roster is really strong, so they are already a force to be reckoned with in the East division. Much like with the Padres, the current odds on the Atlanta Braves are +1000. 

Other Solid Options

Although these aren’t in our top five, they are still considered serious contenders by bookmakers. So, let’s go over a few other teams that you should consider based on the odds:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers (+800)
  • Philadelphia Phillies (+1400)
  • Toronto Blue Jays (+1600)
  • Seattle Mariners (+1600)

There is no other team that currently has below +2500, but again there are just early speculations. Unless you are planning on betting on who will win right away, these aren’t very useful indicators. These are just power rankings based on the 2022 data.

It’s always fun to speculate and build up expectations for the upcoming season. Tactics and strategies will always have a crucial role, so it’s hard to guess what trainers will come up with for the upcoming season. These might not be 100% accurate, but they get the spectators hyped and make surprising outcomes way more impactful. With the new rule adjustments, it will be fun to see how teams respond and whether this alteration will shake up the top listers. As always, you should bet for entertainment purposes only. The idea is to make the match more exciting for the viewer as they will have an actual stake in the outcome.

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