Understanding MLB Odds and How to Read the Betting Lines

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For baseball fanatics, having a foundational understanding of the game and the multiple betting types is of utmost necessity. With an exploding gambling scene that seems to be sweeping the international esports markets, baseball is one of the crowd favorites when it comes to betting.

Basic Understanding of How Baseball Odds Work at Online Casinos

Well, before we delve into the intricate details and game rules, let’s look at the online casinos and sports betting sites that facilitate MLB Odds. For, example, some of the top Canadian sports betting sites, have been an obvious choice of punters across the globe. Owing to credible licenses, a myriad of top providers, an impressive list of tournaments, bonuses, welcome vouchers, live games, and alignment with responsible gambling clauses, these sites have been trending. There are sources of information that can help you filter the reliable Canadian sports betting sites, like this expert guide provided by BestCasinoSites.net that is intended to help players groom themselves in the basics of MLB Odds and key rules that govern these categories of betting.

Money Line

This is one of the most popular means of betting among baseball punters. Especially for players operating on some of the best sports betting sites in Canada. A money line wager is a pretty simple one. It is simply betting on the team that you think would win. The odds are displayed along with the ‘away’ team listed either on first or on top and the ‘home team’ is displayed on the bottom or second. To determine which team is the underdog, the plus sign is used whereas the minus sign determines the favorite one. If a gambler wants to bet on the underdog, the number that lies behind the plus sign is what he wins if he bets $100. If he chooses the favorite, he has to bet the number that is followed after the minus sign in order to win $100. It is also important to keep in mind that baseball money lines offer the option of listing pitchers or choosing action. Listing a pitcher along with a bet basically ensures that the pitcher starts for the bet is valid. If a punter lists a pitcher and he does not start, the bet is a push.


Under/Over or total bets are basically wagers where punters predict the total runs scored by both teams at the game. Oddsmakers set the total for all games and punters have an option of either betting on both these teams for scoring more or less than the number listed. It is of utmost crucial to note that the runs that are scored during extra innings count toward the total made. If the game ends on the total exactly, it is considered as a push and the bet is refunded back. The rules are almost the same across international casinos or some of the top-tier sports betting sites in Canada. All wagers placed are determined to be a push if the game is somehow suspended before playing a full 9 or 8.5 innings if the leading team is the home team.

Team Totals

This is similar to bets on the over/under on the game total. However, a punter focuses simply on the total runs by a team instead of both teams combined. This is also a popular form of wager for gamblers when they have a mismatch in pitching. If a team has an ace on the mound and the opponent is calling someone to make the spot start, it is difficult to feel confident betting the over/under for both parties combined. Thus, gamblers, even on reputed betting sites in Canada would rather prefer individual teams on the team that goes up against the ace and also over on the team that is against a spot starter. The issue with this form of wager is that the books will enable punters to pay major amounts on both sides which would eventually decrease chances of showing profits in the long run. The main goal is to find value where it is not expected.

Run Line

A run line is the nearest thing to a spread. The standard run line runs at 1.5. The preferred on the money line has to be listed at -1.5 on the run line. This basically means that the team which lays -1.5 runs had to win by 2 or more or the bet is lost. On the flip side, the underdog who is on the money is listed at +1.5 on the run line and they either have to lose by a single run or win the game outright.

Ways To Invest and Gamble Long Term on Games

Online betting sites offer multiple methods of gambling and investing in Baseball.

Series Betting

Unlike some other sports during the season where the teams hardly play the same opponent in back-to-back games, baseball teams play 2-4 game series against the same team. Most Canadian betting sites allow gamblers to place wagers on the winner of the series rather than going game by game to determine the winner. The odds are offered in a similar format but the favorites come at a high cost. It is not uncommon for a worthy team to lose a match but most of the time, this is not the case.


Parlays are when two or more bets are combined together. However, all bets must be won, or the gambler loses the wager. This is a popular bet because it reduces the risk and increases payouts. However, the issue is that the probability of winning parlays is much lesser than individual games.


Certain books offer proposition bets for both the individual games as well as the entire season. They post odds on basically everything from individual strikeouts, MVP, home runs for a player, etc. prop bets must be done after seeing how big a spread the book offers. For example, on multiple wager books, only 30+ cents are offered on the action which indicates that gamblers must hit a high percentage for winning generously at online sports betting Canada.


These are the odds on which team will win at each division and the World Series that are available at some of the best online sports betting sites. The problem with future bets is that a gambler has to be prepared for having a portion of the bankroll tied up for nearly 7 months. Thus, it is recommended to not be carried away while placing too many future bets before the start of a season.

Online betting in baseball is a great way to earn money among punters. However, one must be extremely cautious while choosing a sportsbook in order to avoid fraudulence of any kind. Always check the license of the platform and the RTP rates, and game choices before landing on a great casino.

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