MLB Playoffs: A quick review on the historic moments of the last decade

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Baseball, America’s beloved pastime, has had no shortage of unforgettable moments throughout its storied history. Over the past decade, Major League Baseball’s playoffs have consistently served up a sumptuous feast of thrills, spills, and chills for avid fans.

Following the triumph by the Texas Rangers in the 2023 World series, we’re ready to take a stroll down memory lane.  Here’s a whirlwind tour of the most epic MLB Playoffs moments from the past decade.

2013: David Ortiz’s Grand Slam Magic

In 2013, the Boston Red Sox faced a pivotal Game 2 against the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS. Trailing by four in the 8th inning, David Ortiz, fondly known as “Big Papi”, stepped to the plate with bases loaded. With one swing, he sent the ball over the right-field wall for a game-tying grand slam. This moment shifted the momentum, and the Red Sox went on to win the World Series.

2014: Madison Bumgarner’s Herculean Effort

When the San Francisco Giants found themselves in a winner-take-all Game 7 of the World Series against the Kansas City Royals, they turned to Madison Bumgarner. Having already won two games in the series, the ace delivered five scoreless relief innings on just two days’ rest, securing the championship for the Giants.

2015: The 14-inning Marathon

The Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers dueled fiercely in the 2015 ALDS. Game 2 wasn’t just another game; it evolved into a 14-inning nail-biter that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Historically significant, it became the longest postseason game in Blue Jays’ illustrious history. Every pitch, every swing, mattered. After a grueling five hours, with tension in the air, the Blue Jays triumphed, setting a dramatic tone for their subsequent battles and eventual journey to the ALCS.

2016: Breaking the Curse

108 years. That wasn’t just a number for Chicago. It was an emotional journey. That’s how long the Chicago Cubs and their die-hard fans had been waiting, hoping for a World Series title. The MLB odds seemed to stack against them when they found themselves down 3-1 against the gritty Cleveland Indians in the 2016 World Series.

Yet, they showed resilience and staged a remarkable comeback. This crescendoed into a climactic Game 7, a showdown for the ages. In an adrenaline-pumped extra-inning contest, the Cubs defied history, finally claiming their well-deserved title, washing away over a century of heartbreak and tears.

2017: Home Run Extravaganza

In 2017, MLB witnessed a World Series for the ages. The formidable Los Angeles Dodgers went toe-to-toe with the explosive Houston Astros. Game 5 was not just a game; it was an epic battle of titans. A contest that felt like a heavyweight boxing match, both teams swung for the fences, combining for an astonishing seven home runs in a rollercoaster of emotions.

This 10-inning, 13-12 thriller in favor of the Astros wasn’t just a game; it was a statement. A statement that epitomized the series’ raw energy and explosive nature, culminating in a finale where the Astros, riding high on momentum, clinched the championship in Game 7.

2018: Red Sox Dominance

2018 was the year of the Boston Red Sox. With a record 108 wins in the regular season, they entered the playoffs as clear favorites. They didn’t disappoint. In a dominant display, they defeated the LA Dodgers in the World Series in just five games, stamping their authority and marking one of the most commanding postseason runs of the decade.

2019: Nationals’ Fairy Tale Finish

The Washington Nationals began their postseason journey in 2019 as wild-card entrants. In a cinematic turn of events, they defied odds, taking down powerhouse teams one after another. Facing the Houston Astros in the World Series, the Nationals clinched their first-ever title in seven games, showcasing resilience and a never-say-die attitude.

2020: Dodgers’ Redemption Song

After several near-misses in the previous years, the LA Dodgers returned with a vengeance in 2020. The shortened season due to the pandemic did not deter them. Facing the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series, the Dodgers showcased their depth and talent, securing the title in six games and ending a 32-year championship drought.

2021: Braves Overcome Adversity

The Atlanta Braves faced an uphill battle in the 2021 playoffs. With key players injured and a middling regular-season record, few pegged them as title contenders. However, showcasing gritty determination, they defeated the favored Houston Astros in the World Series. Their victory was a testament to the unpredictability of baseball and the magic of the playoffs.

The past decade of MLB Playoffs has been nothing short of a cinematic experience for fans worldwide. From long-standing curses being broken to underdogs rising to the occasion, these moments encapsulate the essence of baseball: hope, determination, and the thrill of competition.

As we gear up for more playoff action in the years ahead, one can only wonder: what legendary moments await us next? Whatever they may be, one thing is for sure: the heartbeats of millions of fans will sync with every pitch, every swing, and every catch, as the saga of the MLB Playoffs continues to unfold.

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