Baseball Teams with Most World Series Titles

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Over the years, the World Series has crowned many great champion teams, but which teams have won the title more than any other in the history of Major League Baseball? We present the winningest teams in the World Series.

1. New York Yankees (27 Titles)

Standing head and shoulders above the rest of the field are the New York Yankees, with their incredible 27 World Series titles. That is more than double the number of titles won by the next best team.

Not only are the Yankees the most successful MLB team, they also have more championships than any other professional sports teams in the United States.

Their 27 titles have come in 40 World Series appearances – a reasonably good conversion rate of 67.5%. When next the Yankees are in the World Series, might be a good bet to back them to go all the way. Great that most US sportsbooks now offer outright bets and prop bets and those sorts of things as part of their MLB betting packages and promotions.

Founded in 1903 as the New York Highlanders and adopting their current name in 1913, the New York Yankees claimed their first World Series title in 1923, and in a remarkable show of consistency and longevity, won at least two titles in every decade between the 1920s and the 1970s.

The run was broken in the 1980s, when they failed to win a championship, but they returned with a bang in the 1990s, winning four titles in five years between 1996 and 2000. Their most recent success was in 2009, when they defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in six games- the perfect way to mark the opening of new Yankee Stadium.

2. St. Louis Cardinals (11 Titles)

Sliding into second place are the St. Louis Cardinals, with their 11 World Series titles.

With their history dating way back into the 19th century, St. Louis is one of the most storied teams in the MLB, and are currently the most successful franchise from the National League.

The Cardinals first won the World Series in 1926, and have gone on to claim their 11 titles from 19 Finals appearances. They are fourth on the list of most World Series appearances, behind the Yankees, Dodgers and Giants.

St. Louis has never really established a true World Series dynasty, with their most successful period coming in a five year spell between 1942 and 1946 when they won 3 championships. They have never won the title in consecutive years.

Their most recent success came in 2011, when they dramatically defeated the Texas Rangers in a seven-game thriller.

3. Boston Red Sox (9 Titles)

Initially christened the Boston Americans between 1901 and 1907, the Boston Red Sox were among MLB frontrunners in the early years, winning five championships between 1903 and 1918.

However, it would take them almost a century before reclaiming the big prize in what has infamously become one of the longest droughts in American sports history.

Boston finally ended the long wait in 2004, when they ran through the St. Louis Cardinals in four games, and have since gone on to add titles in 2007, 2013 and most recently in 2018. After enduring the pain of an 86-year drought, the Red Sox can at least hold on to the fact that they are the most successful MLB team in the 21st century.

The Red Sox have made a total of 13 WS, with the others coming in 1946, 1967, 1975 and 1986.

4. Oakland Athletics (9 Titles)

The Athletics have existed under several guises, based on their location. They started out as the Philadelphia Athletics, and then moved on to Kansas City before becoming the Oakland Athletics upon relocating to California in 1968.

Philadelphia brought good tidings for the Athletics as they won five World Series titles between 1910 and 1930, but their move to Kansas did not produce any championship.

Their luck changed again when they switched to Oakland, winning three straight World Series crowns between 1972 and 1974, and adding another in 1989.

That remains the A’s most recent title. Perhaps, their proposed move to Las Vegas would bring about yet another change in fortune!

The Athletics have nine World Series titles – same as the Boston Red Sox – but they are placed lower on our list having made one more World Series appearance than Boston (14 vs. 13).

5. San Francisco Giants (8 Titles)

Formed in 1883, the Giants are amongst the most ancient MLB teams, and their 20 World Series appearances puts them third on the all-time list in that regard.

Unfortunately, they have lost 12 of those Fall Classics, second only to the Dodgers’ 14 defeats. On a more positive note, they are 8-time champions of the league.

Originally based in New York, the Giants were MLB champions on five occasions while in the Empire State, with the other three titles coming after their 1958 switch to San Francisco.

They had to wait a very long time before getting off the mark in San Francisco, winning their first title only in 2010, but they did go on a nice run after that, adding the 2012 and 2014 crowns to their collection.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers (7)

Having already got quite a few mentions in this article, the Dodgers finally take the stage on our list.

No team has lost more World Series than the Dodgers, who have been on the wrong end of the results on 14 of their 21 appearances.

They made their first World Series in 1916, and contested seven other times before eventually getting over the line in 1955.

While they have had a better World Series conversion rate after that, squeezing in a handful of titles in the subsequent years, they have still lost more World Series (7) than they have won (6) after that 1955 breakthrough.

Perhaps symptomatic of their World Series adventure is their 21st century record. They were beaten in the 2017 and 2018 Series before claiming their most recent title in 2020.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (5 Titles)

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been victorious in five of their seven World Series appearances, opening their account back in 1909, and earning their most recent success in 1979.

However, their recent history has not been great. They have made the MLB playoffs on just three occasions since 1992.

Pittsburgh’s World Series conversion rate of 71.6% is the highest in the top 10. So, the next time they manage to get to the final hurdle, the smart money would be on them to go all the way!

8. Cincinnati Reds (5 Titles)

Like the Pirates, the Cincinnati Reds have won five World Series titles, but they have made nine total appearances, compared to Pittsburgh’s seven, and are therefore lower on our list.

The Reds were one of MLB’s stand-out teams in the 1970s, winning the World Series in 1975 and 1976, having also captured pennants in ‘70 and ‘72.

Their first ever triumph was way back in 1919, while their most recent run to the title was in 1990.

9. Atlanta Braves (4 Titles)

One of the oldest franchises in MLB, the Braves have undergone several name-changes over the years, but not once have they paused their operations in their 150-plus years of existence. Indeed, they remain the oldest continuously operating professional sports franchise in the United States.

Founded in Boston in the 19th century, the Braves relocated to Milwaukee in 1953, and then to Atlanta in 1966.

They have won at least one World Series title while situated in each of these cites. As the Boston Braves, they won the 1914 World Series, while the Milwaukee Braves were champions in 1957.

The move to Atlanta took a while to yield a World Series title, but they finally did it in 1995, when they beat the Cleveland Indians. They might have hoped for more accolades in the 1990s, having made four other World series appearances in 1991, 1992, 1996 and 1999, but fell just short on each occasion.

The Braves did manage to add another World Series crown to their collection in 2021, taking their overall tally to 4.

10. Detroit Tigers (4 Titles)

Having endured the heartbreak of three consecutive World Series defeats from 1907 to 1909, and another in 1934, the Detroit Tigers eventually got their hands on the big prize for the first time in 1935, beating the Chicago Cubs in six games.

They added further titles in 1945, 1968 and 1984.

Overall, Detroit has made 11 World Series appearances, with the most recent of their seven defeats coming in 2012.

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