Best Baseball Podcasts for the 2024 MLB Season

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Featuring players who have turned out for some of the best-ever teams and passionate fans with opinions to share, podcasts are a go-to resource for many baseball fanatics. In the same way, fans of other sports turn to a plethora of podcasts to get their facts and opinions, baseball lovers have a strong selection of productions to choose from this season.

The days of sports fans reading the back pages of the papers and getting their information solely from respected publications has been replaced by a wave of new media that people can access with ease. Alongside other modern-day resources, such as YouTube and platforms like TikTok, baseball fans are listening to a wide range of podcasts.

Podcasts in this category come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, some options look at the history of America’s most-loved pastime, while others focus on the events of today. Likewise, there are podcasts that inform listeners of the most important stats before they assess any MLB odds, while there are a range of other productions that contain interviews with legendary stars. On the whole, it’s a diverse offering. 

So, from insider analysis to episodes that contain plenty of comical value, let’s take a look at some of the best baseball podcasts to check out this season.

Statcast Podcast looks at emerging technology

Technology has impacted almost every area of our lives. Baseball is no different, with groundbreaking advancements entering the sport on an impressively regular basis. Statcast Podcast covers this emerging technology, with baseball analytics being discussed and more. With special guests, including those who are behind some of the sport’s enhancements, hosts Mike Petriello and Matt Meyers have established an original production that is clearly going to reach more people as technology begins to make its mark on the sport further.

Sully Baseball is both funny and interesting

As we’ve already mentioned, some podcasts in this arena contain plenty of comedy and tend to steer clear of the more serious side of the sport. If that’s something that appeals to you, then Sully Baseball is worth a listen. The work of television producer and comedian Paul Francis Sullivan, these daily podcasts have gathered momentum in recent times. Throughout the season, baseball fanatics can listen to Paul’s hilarious opinions and observations, although it’s a podcast that can also cover the more serious topics, particularly when former players are taking part. Providing a passionate, funny, and highly informative listen, Sully Baseball is superb.

Morning Lineup features the latest news

If you’re always looking for new and improved ways to soak up news around the sport and haven’t yet experienced a podcast that offers exactly that, then Morning Lineup is a great place to start. Looking at the biggest topics, this particular production will keep you firmly in the loop with almost everything that the ever-changing baseball landscape has to offer. Hosted by Anthony Castrovince and Richard Justice, episodes include it all, from debates around trade talks to in-depth looks at any breaking stories.

Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney is an interesting option

If you’ve sampled the baseball package on ESPN before, then you’ll probably recognize Buster Olney, a highly respected journalist who previously covered the New York Giants and the New York Yankees for The New York Times. A podcast with some of the sport’s biggest personalities as guests, it’s a well-made production that contains some truly insightful episodes with legendary players and coaches. The perfect podcast before and after some major events on the baseball calendar, Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney, is an interesting podcast many fans rely on every week.

Effectively Wild features in-depth analysis and more

A podcast with a big following behind it, Effectively Wild is easily one of the best options around today. Particularly popular with baseball connoisseurs who prefer looking at the statistical side of the game, Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley do a fantastic job of delving even deeper and delivering the facts and figures millions of fans desire. All things stats-related are on the agenda in Effectively Wild, as the pair of likable hosts hone in on player performance, the various strategies being employed, and other hot takes on any major talking points. Effectively, Wild isn’t for everyone, but if you’re fascinated by stats, then it’s probably the one for you. 

Baseball & Chill is a relaxing listen

Away from any detailed analysis and passionate rants are more relaxing options, such as Baseball & Chill. An ideal production after a testing day at work, Scott Braun and Kelly Nash take a light look on the gossip and rumours surrounding the sport. Additionally, the pair debate various topics and have a good laugh along the way. Overall, Baseball & Chill is

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