Every World Series Champion Ranked

WE RANK EVERY WORLD SERIES CHAMPION SINCE 1903 By Dan Holmes Why would we want to write an article Every World Series Champion Ranked?  Why try to

The 20 Greatest A’s of All-Time

The A’s were the first dynasty in the American League. At that time the franchise was in Philadelphia, where they had three stretches of dominance and won

The 20 Greatest Chicago Cubs of All-Time

This list ranks the 20 greatest players based on their years with the Chicago Cubs, according to Wins Above Replacement (from  This list is not meant

The Hall of Fame Case for Roger Maris

It’s a blessing and a curse to have a signature accomplishment as an athlete or an artist. On the one hand, you’ll be remembered. On the other,

The 20 Greatest Giants of All-Time

Here we are with the 20 greatest Giants (be they San Francisco Giants or New York Giants) of all-time. These lists are based on Wins Above Replacement.

The 20 Greatest Minnesota Twins of All-Time

In this, the latest installment of our series on franchise leaders, we focus on the greatest Twins of all-time. At least according to Wins Above Replacement, otherwise

The 20 Greatest Cincinnati Reds of All-Time

This is the sixth installment in a series that looks at the greatest players in franchise histories, based on Wins Above Replacement. This list was originally published in March

The 20 Greatest Dodgers of All-Time

This is the third installment of our “Top 20” series, looking at the greatest players for a specific franchise based solely on Wins Above Replacement. Quibble if

The 20 Greatest Braves of All-Time

This is part of our Top 20 Franchise series, where we list the top twenty players for a baseball franchise based on Wins Above Replacement. This is

Comparing Baseball All-Time Top 100 Lists

Comparing Top 100 All-Time Baseball Player Lists Baseball EGG ESPN The Baseball ScholaR The BLEACHER REPORT Beyond The Boxscore Bill James The Sporting News BASEBALL

Franchise All-Time Pitching Staffs

Ranking Franchise All-Time Pitching Staffs What if you could pick a starting rotation for your favorite team from all the pitchers who have ever played for them?

Greatest moments in Dodgers postseason history

Greatest Moments in Dodgers Postseason History Robinson Steals Home Against YankeesYogi Berra always insisted he tagged Jackie Robinson, but the umpire called him safe in Game One

All-Time Team Rosters

MLB Franchise All-Time Team Rosters We choose a 28-man roster for every MLB franchise. We selected players who primarily played after 1900. We also tried to build