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We offer sponsor opportunities on our Player Pages. There are more than 1,400 Player Pages, celebrating the legends, stars, and even some of the lesser known players in baseball history. You can see a roster of all the Player Pages here.

Why Sponsor a Player Page?

    • Honor your favorite player.

    • Place an ad for your product or website.

    • Place an in memoriam message.

    • Share a brief memory of that player or an experience you and a loved one had watching them play.

    • Promote your organization (one hyperlink is allowed per sponsorship)

Page Sponsorship Pricing

We have seven Player Page levels. Below is a list of the levels, with a few examples of that type of player:

    • Legend: Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr.

    • Elite: Satchel Paige, Sandy Koufax, Derek Jeter

    • Superstar: Home Run Baker, Andre Dawson, Yadier Molina

    • Star Player: Lou Whitaker, Dan Quisenberry, Adam Wainwright

    • Regular: Muddy Ruel, Jorge Orta, Mike Lowell

    • Journeyman: Jesús Alou, Joe Girardi, Rajai Davis

    • Utility Player: Myril Hoag, Dave Bergman, Gabe Kapler


Legend NA $349
Elite NA $239
Superstar NA $119
Star Player NA $99
Regular $5 $49
Journeyman $2 $19
Utility Player $1 $9

Payments must be made via PayPal.

Sponsorships are limited to 75 words, and subject to approval.

One hyperlink is allowed per page sponsorship.

All links must be approved.

No links to affiliate gambling sites are allowed in Player Pages sponsorships.

Bulk pricing is offered upon request.

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