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Davey Lopes

Davey Lopes Davey Lopes was the second baseman in the famous 1970s Los Angeles Dodgers' infield, adding a nice blend of speed and power. Used in the leadoff role most of his career, he was one of the best base stealers of his era, retiring with more than 550 steals at a success rate of 83%. When Steve Sax came along, the Dodgers discarded Lopes but he stayed in the majors for six more years, stealing a record 47 bases at the age of 39. Later as a coach, Lopes helped several teams, most notably the Phillies, be aggressive on the base paths. Daring Duo With the A's in 1982, Lopes teamed with Rickey Henderson to steal 158 bases, a new record for teammates. Henderson got 130 bags, Lopes 28.