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Tim McCarver

Tim McCarver To a generation of baseball fans, Tim McCarver is an annoying announcer who they have to suffer through on national regular season broadcasts and the post-season. It's true, McCarver can be insufferable in the booth, especially when he drones on explaining a point of the game in excruciating detail. But, despite his penchant for hot air, McCarver does at times deliver wonderful insights into the game. Few can deny McCarver's credentials, he was a major league catcher for more than two decades, catching some of the best pitchers of his generation, including Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, and Luis Tiant. McCarver was a two-time All-Star and no slouch at the plate, though he made his reputation as a fine defensive catcher. In 1967 he finished second in National League Most Valuable Player voting, behind teammate Orlando Cepeda. That season, McCarver hit .295 with 14 homers with 69 RBI, numbers that were much better than they appear considering the context of that low-scoring era. McCarver is the only catcher to lead his league in triples, having hit 13 in 1966.