John Facenda of NFL Films narrates highlight video of 1976 National League Playoffs

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What do you think of when I say the name JOHN FACENDA?

Close your eyes, and imagine a football being hurled through the air, with an up close, slow-motion shot of the ball spinning across the sky. Or imagine a closeup shot of muddy cleats shifting on a weathered field, as offensive and defensive linemen wrestle each other like sumo wrestlers. And imaging Facenda’s voice narrating the action.

Facenda narrated countless videos for NFL Films in the 1960s and 1970s. His rich baritone earned him the nickname “The Voice of God.” He was well-known for his narrative style that accompanied award-winning video from NFL Films. Perhaps his most famous lines were “the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field” and the way he shunned “NFL” and always said “the National Football League” with authority.

So, what the hell does this have to do with baseball?

The video below is a rare opportunity to hear John Facenda narrate baseball. Facenda, who lived in Pennsylvania and was an Eagles fan, was also a fan of the Phillies. Which may be why he was asked to narrate this clip of highlights from the 1976 National League Playoffs.

The Big Red Machine rolled over the Phillies in a three-game sweep, which must have made the Voice of God tremble.

Enjoy the video.

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Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes is the author of three books about baseball, including Ty Cobb: A Biography. He previously worked for the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and Major League Baseball Advanced Media. He lives in Michigan where he writes, runs, and enjoys a good orange soda now and again.
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